Srk Salman Friends again, hug each other at iftar party!

It seems that Bollywood rivals Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan have decided to shed their rivalry and become friends once again.

According to TV reports, SRK and Salman Khan have become friends once again after 5 years of rivalry. The two Khans reportedly hugged each other at an iftar party hosted by Baba Siddiqui today in Mumbai. TV footage showed Salman patting SRK on his shoulder, who was sitting next to Salim Khan, to hug his Karan Arjun co-star, thus ending their infamous rivalry.
Salman and Shah Rukh Khan had never spoken to each other ever since their brawl at the 2008 birthday party of Katrina Kaif. The two have avoided each other in public as well.

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